Dr Shaun Ruggunan

Telephone +27 31 260 7563

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Campus Westville
Building & Room
M Block – M1313 

Dr. Ruggunan is a NRF rated researcher. His Ph.D. examined the influence of globalization on seafaring labour markets. Ruggunan’s book” Waves of Change: Globalisation and Seafaring Labour Markets, was published in 2016 to excellent reviews. He continues to publish in this area. He is currently involved in projects on understanding the changing nature of professional work and integrating moral economy in HRM curricula. His work is interdisciplinary and draws from labour studies, sociology and psychology. He adopts a critical management studies approach in his teaching and writing. Shaun prefers supervising qualitative projects.

Appointment Designation:
  • Senior Lecturer
Academic Qualifications: 

  • BA (Natal) BA Hons(Natal) Masters of Arts (UKZN) Ph.D. (UKZN)

Undergraduate Courses Currently Teaching:

  • Research Methods and Statistical Design
Postgraduate Courses:
  • Human Resources Management
  • Research Methodology
Research Interests:
  • Sociology of work
  • Critical Management Studies
  • Seafaring Labour Markets
  • Global Human Resources Management Practices
  • Professions and Professionalisation 



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  2. Ruggunan, S & Singh, S (2013) Human Resources for health: the mobility of histopathologists from the public to the private sector in KwaZulu-Natal.  Human  Resources for Health  11 (23) doi:10.1186/1478-4491-11-23
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  5. Ruggunan, S (2016) Waves of Change: Globalization and Seafaring Labour Markets, HSRC Press: Pretoria



  • Ruggunan, S (2016) Decolonising Management Studies: A Love Story, in Critical Management Studies in the South African Context, AOSIS: Pretoria.
  • Ruggunan, S (2009) Globalisation and Transformation of the South African Merchant Navy: A case study of flag of (in) convenience Shipping. In State of the Nation 2008-2009, Pretoria: HSRC Press. PP.99-118.
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  • Bonnin, D and Ruggunan, S (2016) Professions and Professionalism in Emerging Economies: South Africa: Routledge Handbook on Professions. Routledge pp 251-264



  • Ruggunan, S & Ghosh, S (2016) Globalisation in seafarer training: The impact of authentic assessment in achieving the STCW standards Proceedings of the 17th Annual General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime universities, 26-29 October, Haiphong, Vietnam [Refereed Conference Paper] Forthcoming
  • Ghosh, S and Ruggunan, S, The implications of outsourcing seafarer employees globally: The possible impact of authentic assessment, Proceedings of the 16th Annual General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime universities, 7-10 October, Opatija, Croatia, pp. 85-91. ISBN 978-953-165-116-5 (2015) [Refereed Conference Paper]
  • Shaun Ruggunan, Samrat Ghosh, Marcus Bowles: Reviewing human resource development strategies of merchant navy seafarers in South Africa and Australia. IAMU AGA 15 Looking Ahead: Innovation in Maritime Education, Training, and Research, Launceston, Tasmania; 10/2014  [Refereed Conference Paper]


  • (2013) Guest Editor for South African Review of Sociology for Special issue on Sociology of Professions. 


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